Laura By The Sea

Ahoy-hoy! My name is Laura and I live by the sea. My day to day is filled with sunshine, sandy toes and Sydney's Eastern Beaches. Well, not really. I have a day job that keeps me off the beaches, but my little passion-project is photography.

My framliy (friends and family) roll their eyes and wonder why I earth I would get up and chase the sunrise every morning (when I say every morning, it's definitely not every morning because, SLEEP!) and my response to them is, firstly - Zip it! And secondly - Duh! Because it's unequivocally the best time of the day. 

At 5:00am, my first alarm goes off. I completely ignore that bad-boy and roll over. At 5:15am my second alarm rudely interrupts my dream-like state and reminds me that I have to get up and chase the sun. I roll out of my house, jump in the car and drive down the hill to the beach at definitely, responsible and safe, speed limits.